Bali Beaches Open for Surfing Only


Here you are, at the edge of paradise, the Island of Gods as many are calling Bali. Yet, there is a twist to this story. There is some kind of mysterious virus going around in the world and that makes quarantining healthy people an OK thing. As WHO recommended just last year (2019) the quarantine of exposed individuals is not a solution. But they do it anyway. Just to have a little more control of you and I.

Bali did not have a quarantine

It is true that Bali did not experience a proper quarantine or a “lock-down” as this neologism makes waves. There were a few mass-media agitators that have tried hard to terrorize the population with their death propaganda news. Though sometimes you need to resist impulses and inertia. The reality is different and since Bali relies almost exclusively on tourism the leadership of the island could not afford turning it into a war zone. Cool heads prevailed and that is for the good of all. See the case of Japan not having a lockdown and experiencing fewer deaths than last year. Leaders will never admit but they need to think before acting.

However, all Bali beaches are closed, or rather were closed - see below. Or at least we were told that they were closed, as some in locations such as Amed in the North of the island stayed open. But there are not many tourists in the area anyway. Also, all tourist attractions such as museums, palaces, temples and the like were shut. Some clubs and bars stayed open or rather reopened soon after the initial closure - when nobody knew what was going on.

Hence, being in paradise but locked in, inside your hotel room or rented apartment, does not make the most beautiful memories. Yes, some restaurants are open and some hotels near the beach are open. But this probably about 10% of the restaurants and less hotels? But I regress, let’s go back to the beach issue. I think that closing the beach is the biggest nonsense. Many places in the world did not do close the beaches, or quickly re-opened them when seeing that the threat is nonsense.

Bali beaches open for surfing only

News is that starting June 1st, 2020 two of the Bali beaches are open for surfers only. Those two beaches are Canggu Beach in Canggu and Padang Padang Beach in Uluwatu. The main beach in Bali, which is Kuta Beach stays closed for now with officials waiting for other officials to give them the green light. The main motivation for the authorities was, apparently, the fact that the surfers would go at great lengths to access the beaches illegally - namely risking falling off dangerous cliffs or being bitteb by snakes while trying to sneak in.

I welcome the opening of the beaches but I don’t agree with the racism. How are the surfers more worthy than the other people? Don’t we, the other people living on the island of Bali, deserve the same treatment? Don’t we also contribute to the welfare of this place with our being here? There are so many more people than the surfers and profiling is not the answer.

Oh, and by the way, if you go surfing make sure that you have the mask on. This is no joke, the officials want it this way. According to website the officials said: “They should wear a mask when entering the beach.” Just in case you give the virus to the fish.

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