Grab Food Does Not Mark Restaurants as Closed


If you don’t feel like reading the whole article, here is the takeaway. Grab Food does not mark restaurant as closed when they are closed.

This flaw I’ve discovered in Grab’s restaurant listings system. It was a Sunday yesterday and I’ve tried to order food for lunch. Only it took me about one hour and sending 6 drivers to restaurants that were closed but were not marked as CLOSED on the Grab Food app. Yes, I like to eat! But I don’t think I am exaggerating here.

Is it Grab Food or the restaurants to blame?

I am not certain of the system that they’re using and I can’t blame Grab or the restaurants themselves. It could be that a segment of the restaurants are closed only on Sundays and don’t want to mark that in the app. Perhaps it requires some sort of activation. But I am afraid that a few of those eateries are closed until better days.

This state of things is annoying for customers and even more so for the delivery drivers. The drivers are actually going to the restaurant and see that they are closed. Then they have to cancel their order so it’s a loss of time and, why not, petrol. Grab better come up with a better system to stop wasting people’s time.

Gojek Go Food App marks restaurants as closed

So, I have moved to the Gojek Go Food delivery app to order. At least on weekends and when I have a suspicion that a place is shut. Gojek Food App does mark a restaurant if closed and you won’t be able to put in an order.

Also, I always wanted to ask. Holy electric egghatcher, why are eggs so expensive in Bali and Indonesia? It’s not like there is no space to grow hens. Often a chicken is not much more expensive than a couple of eggs. And if there’s no electricity one could make use of an Indian eggubator which functions without. But anyway, this is a discussion for future times.

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