Intimate Massage at Home is Massage Therapy


Intimate Massage at Home is Massage Therapy

Tonight on the Negative News Network with your anchor person Mr. Rub Your_face_in_it, you will see a man plummeting to his death in a single-engine plane, the gory details of an automobile accident, the last breath taken by Princess Diana, and a score of negative images too numerous to mention. However, even though we are still forbidden by the FCC to show a female nipple or a penis, many of our commercial breaks will use sexual innuendo to sell you on the products and services offered…..” and You are Here.”

How did this happen? Our most popular vulgarity (the “F” word) deals with the most sacred of life’s gifts, the art of making love. So, friends, let’s change the paradigm!

Touch brings us closer

Massage therapy may help all of us needing intimate touches. A “pleasure without fear” type of massage offers high hopes. This massage has been developed over many years of practice on thousands of clients. The intent is to incorporate excellent therapeutic style work along with touch that allows all senses to be heightened.  This form of touching causes life force energy to travel through the body and release many types of blocked energy and emotion.

If you are involved in a relationship, there is a chance that one of the partners is not honest with the other partner. There is a huge industry providing pleasure-oriented touch to thousands of people, mostly men, who do not share their experience with their partner.  Men will take a chance outside their relationship to get touched more often than women will. For every man that lacks touch at home, I guarantee there is a woman with the same needs. And this comparison holds true for all lifestyle choices. We put an incredible amount of pressure on our loving relationships for the opposite person to meet all our pleasure needs. By understanding these pressures we have some choices. We can become experts in touch and understanding how to please our partner by getting help from others.

Intimate Touch Massage May Help Couples

Let’s say you are in a committed, monogamous relationship. If a light switch goes bad, you call an electrician; a leaky faucet, you call a plumber; need insurance, call State Farm; investment counseling, Dean Witter; dirty carpet, EconoClean; toothache, Dr. Drill; and on and on and on.  Now granted, one relationship may include all of these professional abilities, but if not, it is no big deal.  We just pick up the phone and let our fingers do the walking. But when it comes to pleasure, we’re only supposed to look to our partner. At the beginning of a relationship, this is wonderful. After you have been together 5, 10, 15 years, there is a high probability that some of the excitement of your early days has waned. In America, our past traditions and moral code, coupled with our warped attitudes on sexuality are sending many couples down the path to destruction. (They seek out pleasure in the wrong places.)  You have the opportunity to change the status quo. It has to start somewhere. Be open, be honest, communicate your needs, desires, and fantasies. And remember, you don’t have to follow the crowd just because that’s the way it has always been done. It is for this reason that couples can be coached in “Intimate Touch Massage.”

Most of you will not be able to work with a massage professional personally, so here is an analogy of how to approach the body from a pleasure standpoint.  Think of the body as a handgun. The goal…to hit the bullseye of a target (an incredibly pleasurable experience).

Steps to hitting the bullseye

  • Purchase the gun
  • Take it home and read the directions
  • Clean it thoroughly
  • Drive to the shooting range
  • Buy the target
  • Load the ammunition
  • Put on protective gear
  • Pick up the handgun
  • Aim the gun at the target
  • Pull the trigger! (bingo)

The smallest movement that you make in reaching your goal of hitting the target, is squeezing the trigger. Most of us focus 90% of our pleasure activity on the trigger, which leaves us with only a trigger experience. To achieve an awesome experience, focus 90% of your touch on the rest of the body, and only 10% on the trigger. Hey guys, this takes time…and I mean more than five minutes! And women, before you get too cocky, men are more than just a bunch of skin attached to a penis.

A good massage needs lots of oil

Try this first…take turns giving each other pleasure. Partner A gives pleasure and touch to Partner B for one hour and Partner B only receives. During that hour, focus 90% of your touch on everything except the trigger. If you follow this advice, your partner’s body will be screaming for the other 10%. Use lots of oil. I recommend using Sesame Oil. It is light and less greasy than many others. Make sure the room is very warm, like 80 degrees. Naked and covered with oil is not a good time to have frost on your nipples. Accept feedback from your partner as coaching instead of criticism.

Below, there are comments and answers regarding intimate massage. I wish, for you and your partner, if you have one, many years of pleasurable touching.  Remember this one thing, you were created with the sense of touch.  Someone out there knew what they were doing when the design was made.

Questions and answers regarding erotic massage

Question 1

My wife refuses to perform fellatio on me any longer because she insists that it is a prime conduit for transmitting infections (in spite of my excellent health and our monogamous relationship). She also insists that it is degrading. I’ve done everything I can to convince her that I love her for it and I make every effort to compensate her for it by giving her what she likes most–massaging her during the act and conversing with her as well.

Please advise!


Here’s is a book that might help. “ESO” by Alan P. Brauer, M.D. and Donna J. Brauer. ESO stands for Extended Sexual Orgasm and the book is like a home study course and covers the subject of your question, as well as many others that may compensate, in case you are delayed in this one area.

The question of disease transmission may be an excuse. I choose to believe that you can instruct your body to not be open to disease. I also believe that disease starts in the mind long before it affects the body. My “guess” is that aesthetics may be another reason. This area of the body is wildly erotic and also subject to rather intense odors. It is imperative that cleanliness be a high priority, and as the song says, “just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” which means, find out her favorite flavor and add it to the activity. Chocolate, cool whip, whip cream, honey, strawberry jam……lots of choices. Good luck!

Question 2

Okay, okay. I’ve got kids. And when my wife and I make love it is usually late at night or early in the morning. Late at night, we’re way too tired to spend an hour or two in the act of massage. Neither one of us would make it, we’d be asleep during the first few minutes. So what can you recommend for folks like us who have kids? I know you’ll probably say, take time out to do this. But are there certain areas of the body where you can get greater arousal, more quickly? Thanks for your article and your time in responding.


Kids…been there, done that, and didn’t know then what I know now. I do know this, you find the time for the things that are important. I don’t think there is a shortcut for women. No matter how you dress it up, a quickie is a quickie. Women have the following places that are very sensitive to light touch: face, armpits, inner thigh area, back of knees and breasts. The hands and feet are doorways to erotic pleasure. Avoid the tendency to go directly to “ground zero” without touching and caressing these areas. When you get to the vagina, tease and go slow. Men are sensitive in all of these same areas as well. The problem is that when the penis gets hard it attracts most of the attention. Many men are unaware of the sensitive areas surrounding the butt. All along the crack is good as well as an area about the size of a plum between the back of the balls and the anus. This area is considered the exterior “g” spot on men. A man can have an orgasm just from stimulation of this area without ever involving the penis. (And remember…Cleanliness is next to Godliness when it comes to this part of the body) Enjoy!

Question 3

I am not interested in having someone I don’t know (no offense) touching me or trying to bring me to an orgasm. Nor do I want somebody else watching me and my lover in the act of foreplay. Can someone be taught this art without everyone having to take off their clothes, which would make me very uncomfortable?


As the song goes..“a picture paints a thousand words, so why can’t I paint you?” I understand your shyness. I challenge you to consider pushing some edges and doing something that you fear. When we were very young, and before we were “taught” that our bodies were “dirty,” nudity was natural and OK. Here is an alternative. Find a couple who is not shy and watch a demonstration.

Question 4

Mr. Shankland, I am a gay man, 24 years old and I enjoy a great massage. I have found that using oils of aroma or those that have a pleasant taste adds to the enjoyment. I noticed that you mentioned sesame oil which gets a little warm but does not add anything for the other senses. What do you think of using other oils?


Aromatherapy is a fairly new field in the West and I am sure it can have a positive effect on the erotic nature of the massage. My advice is to do what turns you on! An intimate massage can be done in many different ways. As long as it makes both partners happy.

Question 5

Although I am intrigued by this I am a little apprehensive as I have been with my partner for 27 years and am afraid to bring this “new idea” into our relationship. What do you suggest?


This is where it gets sticky! Honesty is the best policy. However, I am reminded of an episode on Star Trek, the Next Generation, where Captain Piccard says to Data that excessive honesty can sometimes weaken your position. My suggestion is to ease into the subject gradually. Start by discussing your fantasies. Whatever you do, be open and honest. And…good luck!

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