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Muscle and joint pains are just the worst. After a long day of work, its only natural that any normal adult would get these pains. Regardless of whether or not you do physical labor, your back and neck, sometimes your feet, are bound to ache. Nothing feels quite as good as a massage after a long day of working hard. Massages work fantastically to relax your body and soul.

It can be difficult to find good massage parlors, so here is a list of the best massage places in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. You will feel more relaxed after a trip to any of these.

Sabye-Sabye Massage

Located in Plaza Sentosa, Johor Bahru, Sabye-Sabye is easily one of the best massage parlors in Johor, if not the entirety of Malaysia. Considering how low their prices are, they provide quality massages at an absolute bargain.

What makes their massage special is that they don’t use oil for their oil massage. Instead, they use a kind of balm. The balm feels a lot like Tiger balm, but better. It is a secret to all, as the parlor refuses to sell the balm. It feels very strong and it’s very effective at relieving pain in the muscle and joints.

Their prices are almost silly considering how inexpensive they are. You can get a 60-minute foot massage for only 35 Ringgit. One hour-long session of body massage will cost you 55 Ringgit, and only 75 Ringgit will get you one hour of fantastic oil massage.

Sabye-Sabye is located on the ground floor of Plaza Sentosa in Johor Bahru. They open at 10 in the morning and close at 10 PM. They are very timely. Most therapy shops will let you have a massage at any time, even if they are about to close. Sabye-Sabye, however, will not. Make sure you get there on time if you wish to get the experience.

Sabye-Sabye Massage Prices

Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit

1 hourfoot massage35 RM
1 hourbody massage55 RM
1 houroil massage75 RM

Let’s Relax Spa

Another massage parlor at Plaza Sentosa, the Let’s Relax Spa is located right next to our previous entry in the list. Their massage parlor has been successful enough to have Sabye-Sabye lower their massage prices. For context, Sabye-Sabye does not change their prices at all but faced with stiff competition in the form of Let’s Relax Spa, they were forced to do so.

This is not a random occurrence. A former Sabye-Sabye employee, one of their best masseuses, left the parlor to open this spa. The employee brought in many other competent masseuses and together are running one of the popular massage places in Johor.

One of their main features in the sofa massage bed. Other massage shops shun this as it’s not a traditional massage bed, but the sofa bed is much more comfortable, and on par with some of the most expensive massage parlors in Asia.

Let’s Relax Spa has a more relaxing massage style compared to its competitor, as the name suggests. All of their massages are the same price as the prices of Sabye-Sabye’s from before, which means 5 Ringgit more than the prices listed above.

Let’s Relax Spa is located on the ground floor of Plaza Sentosa in Johor Bahru.

Century Health Care

Century Health Care is one of the more hard-hitting massage parlors in Johor. If you are weaker physically or mentally, this may not be the massage shop for you. However, for those who can withstand it, there are few therapists as relaxing for your body as Century Health Care staff.

Despite the Chinese words everywhere and Thai massage branding, the parlor is run mostly by Indonesian masseuses who practice a tougher Japanese style of massage. There is a chance that you scream from the pain, but the massage will not leave any bruises, and you will see the positive effects of the massage in the days after your visit.

They provide many different kinds of massages, but they have a unique package called Full Totality. In this package, you will get a 60-minute full-body massage with 60 minutes of foot massage. The package costs only 110 Ringgits, a bargain for any massage enthusiast.

Century Health Care is located in Level 1 of KSL City Mall in Johor Bahru.

Thai Imperial

The Thai Imperial lives up to its name by having a very gorgeous, royal-looking interior. The moment you walk in, you feel like you’ve walked into a high-end resort in Bali.

The prices are quite reasonable for the premium experience. You can get one hour of Thai massage for 75 Ringgit, one hour of Thai oil Massage at 85 Ringgit and one hour of foot massage at 63 Ringgit.

They also offer a membership program that cuts down on the prices drastically. For 300 Ringgit a year, you can get 90 minutes of traditional Thai massage for 69 Ringgit only.

Thai Imperial is located in Taman Abad on Jalan Dato Sulaiman in Johor Bahru.

Thai Imperial Massage Prices

Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit

Option 4 with Yearly Membership at 300 Ringgit *

1 hourfoot massage63 RM
1 hourthai massage75 RM
1 houroil massage85 RM
90 minutes *thai massage69 RM

Wang Zu Bu Luo Massage Johor Bahru

Another high-end massage parlour in the list, the Wang Zu Bu Luo is a parlor that specialises in Chinese massages. The sauna and the snacks buffet is free upon purchase of 128 Ringgits or more of service. They are also open till very late at night, making it a great option for those who are only free during the night.

They offer massages at a more premium price point than the previous entries. They have a style of massage not used by many, giving them an edge over the competition.

Wang Zu Bu Lao is situated on Jalan Sutera in Taman Sentosa in Johor Bahru.

Other massage shops in Johor

There are many great massage shops in Johor Bahru. You should at the very least try out the ones listed above. You are bound to be relaxed. Read here about massage therapists in Johor or other places in Malaysia.

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